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Could It Be

Lil' Keke

(Lil' Keke talking)
South side fo life
Lil' Keke Don
The youngest one of them all
uh uh uh

(Chorus) 2x
Yeah yeah yeah
Do it be Lil Ke the youngest don of them all
Peep game I want fall you can write that on the wall and ball
Every day all day I don't play I blow ounce a day like a turkish our way

(Lil' Keke)
Smoking chocolate thai I swear I'm high now
Just a little touch and plus we fly now
Step up in the club them bitches they rush now
Rolling on the gators them hators they crush now
All these niggas steady fronting as if they know me
Bragging on they skills its time they show me
CMG nigga we a dangerous team
I turn crumbs into cream this a dope as dream
So it seems thangs then change on this side
Twenty inches on the ride got the big body wide
Park up outside with the kit on the flow
Crawling balling tipping real slow
For real I'm back in thestores and does close
Staying up on my toes ain't no love for these hoes
Now supposed if they can stop the funk I'm bringing
Thanks to 97.9 I got the whole world singing


(Verse 2)
The untouchable made man wise guy
I stay in your ear I stay in your eye I'm fly
So why ask why thats been my question for years
You niggas just name the mix I don ben switch gears
This for all my niggas yeah who grew up with me
Down to step up in the place shoot em up with me
We hard head punching the clock we don't stop
While you niggas flip flop every month we drop
Make a left on scott headed toward the tre'
Flossing a new foreign its a beautiful day
I dont play open the pop and light a square
Let the ritch bitches stare at this millionaire
I dont care when I got my shine on gleam
Crispy clean crawling machine up on the scene
When I step out check out the game of display
In my toy I will destroy what ever comes my way
Every day all day on the gring can't kick it
No time to play I'm all about my ticket
Wicked wicked thats how I get with competitors
Slow down silly rabbit I'm two steps ahead of you
Scared of you is something all never be
Change my name from L-I-L to the Don Keke
Now you see that they can't stop the funk I'm bringing
Thanks to 97.9 I got the whole world singing

It was all dream is in a store near you
Austin San-a-tone Colledge Station Praire View
I've been putting it down since days of high school
Now I'm twenty three I'm still a little fool
Flipping the tongue leaving the numb they sprung
When the bass hit the drum I'm breaking you off some
Phenomenom never boy none I'm not the one
Right behing tint with vents we got guns
Herschel Wood,Texas they still holding plexas
I was thinking jag but now I'm thinking lexus
Wuz up Lake charles on back to Laffyette
Dallas funky town the realest I ever met
Don't ever get up set the south will rise
Cradle to the grave I'm a gee till I die
I'm a gee till I die I'm a gee till die



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