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Catch A Square

Lil' Keke

[Hook - 2x]
If you got plex, we can catch the square
Anytime any placer, any motherfucking where
Gutter ass niggaz, and we don't play fair
Anytime any placer, any motherfucking where

Any place anytime, I'll beat a bitch down
Push his face to the ground, then fill him up with rounds
See I don't fuck around, I terrorize the town
Sniff a hater out the pack, like a damn bloodhound
See a motherfucking hawk, don't hang with crows
I hang with the those I chose, who ain't scared to throw blows
On that Mike Tyson shit, that'll bite a earlobe
Bloody your nose, then scratch off on your vogues
I'm on that other shit, you better run for cover bitch
Or get hit with this, bear lethal fist
I must admit, that I heard some shit
That when you piss, you don't stand you sit
You's a bitch, and fucking with a grown ass man
I don't have to use a gun, I'm pretty good with my hands
Ask your man's he'll tell you, H.A.W.K. don't care
Anytime any place, any motherfucking where

[Hook - 2x]

Let the flame burn, burn baby burn
Caught him at that light, saying turn baby turn
Gutter ass niggaz, and we don't play fair
Take a nigga life, or I pull a bitch hair
Step to the square, it'll be your last walk
Who is that Mussili', Lil' Ke and Big Hawk
Think before you talk, bitch you'll eat them words
Get hung from a tree, or get flipped off a curbed
Anytime any place, any spot anywhere
At night time in the noon or day, our niggaz don't care
Flame spit at niggaz we marvelous, to get you nigga ain't hard to us
These bitch niggaz be fraud to us, we rich niggaz in God we trust
We flip figgas and our broads stay up, step out of line you will get rushed
Crushed dick in the dust, have your homeboys picking you up
Plus flush enemies done, I be the one to be sick with the tongue
And the gun, G.I. Texas where I'm from leaving 'em hung

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil' Keke]
Niggaz consistently provoking, me to try to test mine
Come through your hood, with them killas and have you get down
CMG, I rep it hard on the streets mayn
We bust shit down, like a block of that cocaine
Let's do it dog, like them gangstas and soldiers
Let's get scarred up, knuckle up till it's over
The game is infected, niggaz must respect it
We well connected, up in Texas
They better squash plexers, cause we never play fair
Dirty South young nigga, boys gutter out there
Hating and bullshitting, will get your family tied up
Texas and cowboys, the Penitentiary wired up
Got licks for plenty bricks, the prices are skied up
Catch the square anywhere, my click the size up
This Southside, and it's home of the crooks
Put my boxing gloves on, and take a look

[Hook - 2x]

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