Lil' Keke

Nodd Factor, C.M.G. yeah
This for my angels man, watching over me
Where my angels at, here we go now
What where my angels at, where my angels at

[Lil' Keke]
They tell me sky's the limit, so I'm reaching to get it all
Talk that talk, 'fore you walk you gotta crawl
A lifetime, for me to live my dream
I'm trying to slow down, and make it through the drama I seen
Oh yeah I'm at the church, for confession again
My days are getting cold, think I'm trapped in the wind
I wanna turn it back, but the clock keeps rolling
Trying to make it better, with the loot we holding
Fa sho man, that's how I'm living it out
It's a journey to the top, and I'ma ride no doubt
So I sit back, as the angels float by
Continue with my blessings from the Lord, I know why
That thugs mayn, get a special kind of love
The kind that's sent, from the heaven up above
For real, I'm on my knees and I'm praying
This angel on my shoulder and uh, she got me saying

[Hook - 2x]
Angeeel, oooooh-ooooh
Angel, hmmm-hmm

[Lil' Keke]
Shining and rapping, flossing and capping
My son in my life, that's the best that happened
I stay low key, live my days as a loner
Preacher man say, the blessing around the corner
I raise up, keep my head above water
My nickels to dimes, and my dimes to quarters
A constant struggle, for my hustle to bubble
For my ends to meet, for my cash to double
Now that's more trouble, cause I'm looking to sin
Steady asking for forgiveness, but I do it again
Let em know, that the angel always watching your back
Even when you turning blocks, trying to flip you a pack
Here we go I know I'm grown, but I do what I can
Sometimes you gotta stand up, and just be a man
For real I'm on my knees, to the Lord I'm praying
It's a angel on my shoulder and uh, she got me saying

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil' Keke]
The streets is watching, and the lights is dim
Will we make it out the ghetto, the chance is slim
This for all of them, who be knocking him
Nodd Factor C.M.G., play above the rim
Get your money young man, mama told me that
Don't bite the hand that feed, mama showed me that
So I'm strolling back, to a time befo'
A seed that gotta blossom, I got time to grow
Even though I'm fighting hard, it's a mission to rise
See the angels flying by, when I open my eyes
Now I realize, that I was made to rhyme
See the clouds from above, know it's time to shine
So I gotta unwind, let the game unfold
It's your life go on live it, man that's what I was told
So I'm staying on my knees, to the Lord I'm praying
It's a angel on my shoulder and uh, she got me saying

[Hook - 2x]

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