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U Said (feat. a Boogie Wit da Hoodie)

Lil Durk

Take her to Calabasas, get a new crib (New crib)
Why you tell your friend about the group chat? (Group chat)
I asked you for a threesome, you don't do head
(She don't do head) You say I'm disrespectful
this what you said (This what you said)
You said (You said) , you said (You said)
You say I'm disrespectful, this what you said
On a mission to fucking two twins
But I got a problem, I don't do head
Fuck a Jetblue, I'm on a blue jet
She gon' eat me up until I go, uh, uh
Seven thousand on a furry coat, uh, uh
Feeling like I sacrificed a goat, uh
You still hit me up, I say I won't
I can tell you really wanna go
You said, you said
I done introduced you to designer pills
And you sucking dick for some designer still
And I'ma ride with you like he gon' ride with his, oh
A Boogie Mary J and I'm Lauryn Hill
Diamonds water on me, and I be snorkeling still
And I thought about you cheating on me
I don't know how to feel
I swear to God I won't know how to feel
You was fucking with me way before I had a deal
When I had that curfew, you made sure that I was there
On probation smoking weed and popping all the pills
And she keep teasing me and shit, she know I love it, yeah
And all my jeans 2k a piece, I got a hundred pairs
And I can't make no more mistakes, I'm going hardest, yeah
Yeah, say my name, say my name, say Artist, yeah
Looking from a distance, a sexy girl
Fuck her from her back, fuckin' up her epidural
She fucking up my name, what I got a nicki' for?
Put some love inside my heart, be what I'm looking for, oh
Reality to my life, I gotta snap back
I knew she was a whole ho when she
sent me pussy all on Snapchat, yeah, yeah
I know she in the Gucci and the Pucci
but I know she was a groupie fuckin' Nuski
Every time you see me
all my diamonds water, water, water, water, it's a movie
Woah, woah, in reality I love you
And I won't give this feeling for nothing in this world
Woah, woah
I told 'em this a vibe right here
Hit the bottom of the water, water, water

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