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Smurk Outta Here

Lil Durk

Backdoor (backdoor)
Backdoor (backdoor)
(Wheezy outta here)
Wheezy outta here
Backdoor (backdoor)
Screamin' out you want a war, but you ain't ready
Why you screamin' out you want a war, you ain't

Why you screamin' out you want a war but you ain't ready?
D-Thang, he was here for me, my brother like my daddy
Thinkin' to myself, "He was a bitch, " now he a savage
Thinkin' like
"What nigga went in my phone and got my addy? "
He ain't my bro, he ain't my family
I can't trade on niggas who was with me from them pampies
I know real eaters found some class, actin' fancy
I know credit frauds
they sell they Link to fill up pantries
I forgave Wuk but I can't forgive Randy
Better pay your lawyer off, that shit gon' come in handy
Fightin' for your life on Nine One, that shit scary
On the street-side, you beat your body, shit like Grammy's
Get in my feelings, I mix Percocet with Addys (woah-woah)
These hoes, they tryna fuck me more 'cause I'm married
He still gon' slide even though he ain't concealed to carry
If you understand me you really know I love my granny (yeah)
It's from the past, you ain't even slide, you niggas petty
This bitch got mad, I watch her eat and take a plan B (yeah)
I took a bath with a nigga mama, I'm his daddy (yeah)
Since we in war, I had to bulletproof my caddy (yeah)
Since bro'nem told me I'm his dog, it make him Shaggy (yeah)
He tryna cuff a bitch 'cause I cuffed one but she raggly
I sip lean two weeks straight, I caught acne (yeah)
I'm frontline for some niggas
they backstabbed me (backdoor)
Fuck these bitches
I don't fuck with these bitches (backdoor)
Fuck these niggas, I don't fuck with these niggas (backdoor)
Fuck these bitches
I don't fuck with these bitches (backdoor)
Fuck these niggas, I don't fuck with these niggas (backdoor)
Hop inside that Trx truck
damn near fucked my Timberlands up (yeah)
Couple niggas try to slide on him
we gon' ride on him, it was six of us (yeah)
Fucked the bitch 'cause she thick
but that bitch slick, she want her titties fucked (yeah)
But I don't talk around that bitch
she a give my business up

Backdoor (backdoor)
Backdoor (backdoor)
Backdoor (backdoor)
Backdoor (backdoor)

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