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Lamborghini Mirrors (feat. Booka600)

Lil Durk

The Voice

TouchofTrent be wildin' with it

I had a hard time tryna prove to you
I'm in the city now, but I am passin' through
One visit to the county, I see Makado
She say she want my love and I'm gentle
You ain't keep your word, when you told me, "Yeah", you said you fin' to
You crashed your car, you ain't have no cash, I gave you a rental
Gossip 'bout the streets, you had a convo with a pillow
Fuck with me or my opps, lil' nigga, can't be in the middle
Conversations, countin' money, we will stack it in the middle
Had a dream we all shared, but we prayed individual
Turnt your back on your brother for some cash and I ain't feelin' you
Gettin' money in the hood, you don't spread love, then they killin' you
Unc was in the box, he did fed time
Shootouts on the E-way and them cats goin' down the Dan Ryan
Number one rule, look out of your rearview, you'll get fan down
Talk about that shit you did in your past, you did, don't say it loud (Yeah, yeah)
Never catch a body, with a nigga that fear you (Niggas that fear you)
How a nigga tell on my brother and be so fearless? (Be so fearless)
Two-tone sit in the cut when I play the field (The field)
How the fuck you feelin' the love when the blood spill? (Yeah, yeah)

Blue stone, diamond cuts, gang-gang, sign up
I was in the limelight, back to gettin' treacherous
Slide when the time right, it was never shit to us (Yeah)
Can't feel the drugs when they enter us (Ooh us)

My uncle walked out my life and I can't stand him
Knocked right on my granny door, but I ain't wanna answer
It's fucked up he lost his life to some cancer
Your turned your back, I needed you the most, you left me abandoned (Oh, oh)
Niggas tried to hide they documents
See, when he died on bad terms, I wish we locked in it
I vouch to lose my life natural, not on the block again
It's one point we had fell off, now we at the top again
When I asked you, you said, "No", so I won't ask again
Had a fight when I was locked up, they send me to max again
And I don't get checked before my shows, just know them straps is in
They'll do a walkthrough before I get there, a nigga packed again
You can't leave love in the past, you gotta try again
I gotta watch the way I park, that's why I'm backin' in
My guys died so we drop ashes in the Lamborghini
We do a lot to stay alive, I swear I'm dying to get it
As for Durk and Lil' D, I swear I'll bribe the jury
Pissed on himself when he got ten, hate the smell of urine
Willow, Deliah, Bella B, I swear I'm dying for you
Real niggas never run they mouth, I'm in that category

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