How U Ridin

Lil' Boosie

Trill fam, young savage you can catch me
Fresh kicks, fresh bos, and a fresh tee
With two crucial ass hos, yeah that's me
Look at him, his eyes closed, he aint even sleep
Say Boosie chill with all that swerving too much dope in here
Nigga slow down, you better think about Big Head and pimp
You want some savage shit, I gotta represent
You want some rider shit, then here it is

(Chorus) 2X
(How U Ride?) Bad bitch, hair did, nails, feet, too
(How U Ride?) Leather seats, TVs, and the beat too
(How U Ride?) Gettin' bent behind tints you can't see though
And my rims way bigger than yours

(Verse 1)
Red truck, blue truck, green truck, black truck
Suburban. Excursion, that Tahoe, that Lac Truck
Fuck it a bucket, a Delta, a Cutless
A Regal, a Monte, whatever you thuggin'
It's suped up, it's couped up, it go down with great sound
And some of it, you gotta keep the roof up or go down
That bad bitch i keep in, that Mustang in sea green
She stuntin' her ass off in that 05 her man bought
How much your paint cost, looked like it just got rained on
Tell me this, when you stop, do your rims stop or they keep going
Your Nissan, your Neon, your old man Caprice on
You finna take off them 20's and put them big 23's on
Watching the latest DVDs with the TVs on
It's hot A/C and weather you put heat on
You hear them loud pipes as soon as you put your feet on
Bicycles, motorbikes, whatever you wanna street on

(Chorus) 2X

You took the cheap route, or did that deck pop out
Or did that tech pop out and that mist pop out
How U Ride? What, you ain't worried about flossin'
You holla fuck what I'm talking cause your shit better that walkin'
Five stickers upon it, look like the junk yard on it
26's upon it then bookoo bitches upon it
What kind of motor up in it, think it can fuck with that Hemme
I got a Cutlless 350 that'll leave you ass by a distance
You with custom interior or original interior
You like them Westside niggas and sit them thangs on them switches
Got about 93 tickets you broke the rear view mirror
You with the four 15's, shit I roll with the four 12's
I got a Lac chrome grill on some factory rims
Hos piled up in here, all on laps, be still
Can't wait to get to the room, nibbling on my ear
Y'all gon' get it, just chill, let me control this wheel

(Chorus) 2X

(Verse 3)
Half a gun, half a bird, I just ride like that
I aint even tryin' to swerve, I just drive like that
Beyonce' face and some thighs like that
attitude like Trina and a ass that fat
Fuck it , I don' told my cousin you can have that Lac
Gon' get your shine on, watch what I'm gon' snatch
I don't know about the top, I spending 85 stacks
With them cozy ass seat that massage my back

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