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Yeems Song For Nothing


So cool it down
relax awhile
you get too crazy
Quit holding
out on the couch
your glass is nearly empty
but did you see it all come
Along your race to ruin
No reason to talk now
No reason to talk

Quit making lists of all the stuff that you did
Just push on lightly and don't think about the stuff that you hid
Your love has gone for good
though he's still in the room
No more talking future
I can't bare to lose you

At all the shows
love comes and goes
and you wonder are we over exposed?

Don't wanna know
your favorite show
all I wanted to know is
what time I could stop by
She don't know
She never knows
I saw it come down
when he blew into town
it was right on the corner
when he pulled her inside
they never know
they never know

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