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Irony Is For Suckers


Tonight try not to think about things,
just be happy for one night.
And maybe we could go get a drink
or maybe you could take me for a drive.
I could show you where I used to live
and where I had my first smoke.
I wonder if you think of things now.
I'm confused about everything.
It's just sometimes I don't mind.
You tell me everything keeps changing,
but you know that sometimes it just seems like you're complaining.
You ask a million questions.
It seems so never ending.
You know sometimes I just wish you'd shut your trap.
Let's forget work and let's just listen to the clash cause I can wait.
Wait forever now.
Put it down.
Let's just walk away from everything cause it can't last forever.
I can see you're running out of patience with me.
Irony is for suckers.
Wait for me.

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