Lewis Watson

Just open your eyes, no don't be scared at all
We'll jump out of aeroplanes and the lakes will break our fall,
No, don't make a sound because
I'll be with you the whole way down.
(and I told you everything)

I know it's quite soon but you've got a lovely heart
I hope that you feel it too and a flame follows these sparks
Just don't tell me lies because
I've been let down too many times
(and I told you everything)

So I'll spend all night looking into your eyes
Because I want to remember them if I ever fall blind
We could jump in the ocean and sink like stones
But that's ok with me baby 'cause I'll be next to your bones

We can spend the rest of our lives, by the old reservoir.
Looking at satellites, waiting for a shooting star.
Although my wish has been made and I found you,
I'll just wish you stay
(because I love your everything)

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