you're alone
there's a yellow shine
close your eyes
close your eyes
yours your own
and anything you find fill your mind
fill your mind
don't question everything

you're a flood
that washes everything through your soul
come and sing
without hope
and without fire within the sky ????
so key in
don't question everything

you're unsure
of what this comes to mean
make a scream make a scream
for your soul
of words that take a shot and nothing more
these words won't stop
don't question everything

you're in awe
of anything that dies
break your time
break your time
and for long
to walk upon a hill
don't question everything

feeling poor
and feeling that you've earned the night to find
don't fool your mind
and there's awe
and there is nothing more than awe
than awe than awe
don't question everything

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