Inside your mind, there's a place you'll find
You can leave your fears and troubles all behind you
Where no one can find you

When you're all alone, so empty inside
Just find your inner sanctum
Dry the tears you cried, bring back the feelings that died

How many times have they slammed the door
On the hopes and the visions you had once before
And how many times have they covered your eyes
Tried to shatter your dreams and fill you with lies

Look into his empty eyes
Hidden behind a painted disguise
So long he's endured, so hard how he tries
Alone in the silence, in sorrow he cries

In the night but there's nowhere you can turn
In a world so cold and lonely, bitter lessons to be learned
All odds are against you as you walk this lonely road
When there is no friend you can call on, and no one you can hold

Look into his empty eyes
Hidden behind a painted disguise
Can he find peace and tranquility
This shell of a man that he used to be

Sanctuary from the storm, take the cold and leave the warm
Find the place that brings you harmony
Sanctuary from the storm, mend the heart they've tried and torn
Find your dreams to make reality

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