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leonel-tir-na-nog - Fotos
leonel-tir-na-nog - Fotos

Leonel Tir Na nog has released 5 plus Street Albums or Mixtapes from Marijuana Recordz, some where released in Luanda; Angola others in South Africa; in Pretoria as well as Cape Town. He is a Portuguese Rapper with English skills as well full of talent and is still developing himself in the music industry, even with more than eight years in the entertainment industry. He had the opportunity to work with different African Rappers as well as Producers and Sound Engineers, his first Mixtape or Street Album was released in 2011, for more well done work of Leonel Tir Na nog, go to our blog www.marijuana-recordz.blogspot.com if you are not, and the sucessful work that we have done will be exposed on the page. Salute with a great a bientôt