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New Fangled Tango

Lena Horne

Everybody's mambo crazy
Cha-cha happy but I'm lazy
I don't dig that frantic turpsichord
When I trip the light fantastic
I don't wanna be gymnastic
That's not what a dancing floor is for

What I got in mind is a big improvement
With a very minimum amount of movement
Let the other couples push and shove
What I got in mind I think you're gonna love

I got a new-fangled tango
And there's nothing to it
You just sort of stand there
And just sort of do it

You stand close together
There's no wasted motion
A new fangled tango
An old fashioned motion

The floor may be crowded
But that doesn't matter
It's not necessary to move
Don't move, why move?

It may be crowded
But that's all the better
It's just like romancing while dancing
Who's dancin'?

You start off with one step
And cling to each other
And you know how one step
Can lead to another

Oh, there's nothing wrong with
A waltz or fandango
But, oh, what can come from
A new fangled tango?

You cling to your partner
And sway to the rhythm
You can't lose your partner
'Cause you're right there with him

You don't have to worry
About fast or slow steps
The nice part about it
In this dance, you don't need steps

You don't have to worry
If your dancing won't do
It's not what you do, do
It's more what you don't do

You don't need a waltz
Or a fancy fandango
You just need a man
And a new fangled tango

Forget the fandango
Give up the mambo
Do the tango

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