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Ain't It de Truth

Lena Horne

Life is short, brother, ain't it the truth?
And there is no other, ain't it the truth?
If you don't love livin', you is slightly uncouth
Ain't it the dignified truth?

Said that gal, Du Barry, "Ain't it the truth? "
Life is cash and carry, ain't it the truth?
You got to shake it down or stir up with Vermouth
Ain't it the practical truth?

Love is a ripplin' brook
Man is a fish to cook
You got to bait your hook
Rise and shine
Cast your line

You got to get your possum, ain't it the truth?
While you still in blossom, ain't it the truth?
Cleopatra and Delilah had it way over Ruth
MM, them gels did mighty swell
They sure did ring that bell, ain't it the Gospel truth?

It's the truth, the truth
It's the solid mellow truth

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