What You Want

Legally Blonde The Musical

Legally Blonde - The Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Wait a minute. this is the kind of girl Warner wants. Someone serious. Someone lawyerly. Someone who wears black when
nobodies dead. Girls I have a completely brilliant plan.
(Sung)What you want, Warner
What you want is me
But you need to see me in a different domain
Well its plain, Warner
In a different setting
You will see your getting
all of this plus a brain
I'll meet you there at Harvard with a book in my hand
Big sturdy book
big wordy book
full of words i'll understand
and right there is where you'll see it too
What you want is right in front of you
All: What you want
Its clear
What you want
Right here
What you want is right in front of you, front of you
What you want
Its clear
What you want
Right here
What you want is right in front of you, front of you
Elle: Step 1 he's off to harvard law
So i get in there too
Step 2 make him reasses
impress him with my high IQ
Step 3 we throw a wedding
and invite all delta nu
Kate: Thats great. Nice plan
Now can we think this through
(spoken) Harvard law school
Elle: I have a 4.0 average
kate: Yea in fashion merchandising. What makes you think you can do this.
Elle: Love
I'm doing this for love
and love will see me through
with love on my side i can't lose
and harvard can't refuse
a love so pure and true
don't lawyers feel love too
Kate: Even if they do
what you want sweetheart is no wasy thing
if you're going to swing it it will wreck your sr spring
yes its true
First you'll need an LSAT score of more than 174
so no more parties for you
you'll need a killer essay
or do not even hope
and glowing letter from your betters
Any chance you know the pop
o no too bad
cause that would be a coup
and you got a lot of work in front of you
All: What you want
yes i know
What you want
even so
what you want is right in front of you front of you
what you want
girl you go
what you want
no really go
what you want is right in front of you front of you
Dad: law school
Elle: yes daddu law school
Dad:God why. Law school is for ugly, boring, serious people and you button are none of those things.
(sung) What you want hun, just say the word
but what you wants absurd
and costs a whole of of smack
and hell why button
when you can stay right here
persue a film career
mom: How about a nice Burkin bag
Dad: yes, the east coast is foreign
theres no film studios
its cold and dark
No valet parking
all the girls have different noses
Christ, button its like the damn frontier
Mom and Dad: Tell me whats out there that you can't get right here
Elle: Guys, Love
i'm going there for love
a love i have to win
i can live without sun or valet
i can't just walk away
betray what might have been
Dad: Fine OK
I'll pay your way if you get in
All: What you want
Make the grades
What you want
and its payed
What you want is right in front of of you front of you
delta nu:
(spoken) hey everybody its spring fling beer bash extreme
Boys: Extreme
Kate: Not for you. Time to study. GO
Delta Nu: This years theme Jamaicin me Crazyy
What you want you wanna be out because the sun she warm
What you want you wanna be study stuck inside your dorm
what you want you wanna be partying with us all night long
what you want you wanna be strong
All: be strong
Kate: 134 not good enough try again
What you want you wanna be groovin bump and sjake the room
What you want you wanna be provin something and to whom
what you want you wanna be wonderin where your youth is gone
what you want you you wanna hold on
Kate: hold on, 151 still not harvard material. Once again Go
(sung) Love, i'm doing this for love
and thats how i'll survive
Here you go i said no go away
right here is where i'll stay
until that happy day
that day i hear him say
Kate: 175
All: 175
Elle: 175
All: 175 175

Professor #1
(Spoken)Gentlemen, harvard law grants admission to adam cohen. And now miss elle woods who was kind enough to send in a

Professor #2
We should admit her for reasons of multi culturalism

Prof #1
Oh gentlemen get a hold of yoursleves. Look at that what a shame. She didn't bother sending in a personal essay

What you want
Goodness me
What you want
What you want is right in

Prof #1
Who are you?

(Sung)i'm hat you want
Harvard, i'm the girl for you
And to prove it true,
We all flew here on Jet blue

(Spoken)Thank you

(Spoken)Thank you

(Sung)This is what Elle woods inspires
In everyone that hires her,
And Harvard should too

Professor #1
(Shouted)This is not a personal essay!

Elle+ ensemble
(Sung)No, an essay’s so boring and so much does not fit,
So we’re appearing live right here,
Making sure that you must admit,
Elle woods should join the chosen few,
Harvard, what you is right in front of – (cheer team breaks into dance)

(Yelled)And now some legal jargon!
Exhibit A!
Time for my cross!
I object!
May I approach!

Professor #1
(Blows whistle loudly and dance team stops)
(spoken)Now see here Ms. Woods, You can’t just barge in here with singing, and dancing, and ethnic movement! This is a very
presentation, but Is till don’t see one reason to admit you!

(SPOKEN) How about love?
You ever been in love?
‘Cause if you have you’ll know
(Sung)That Love never accepts a defeat
No challenge it can’t meet
NO place it can’t go!
Don’t say no to a women in love!
Don’t laugh when I say love!
Don’t think that I’m naïve!
‘Cause even a person who’s smart
Can listen to their heart
Can listen and believe (Dancers in back waving flags and swaying)
So believe in what love can achieve
Do you Believe?

Professor #2
I Do!

Do you believe?

Professor #3
Me too!

Yes we believe in love how bout you

Professor #1
Welcome to Harvard!

What you want

That was fun

What you want

Let’s go girl!

What you want is right in front of you!
What you want
What you want
What you want
What you want!

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