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    Christ through faith
    I talked to a cat the other day
    And he was like;
    "Man I really wanna come to Christ
    But I gotta clean my life up first, get my sins together"
    I told em, I used to think that way too
    I thought I had to change myself before I could come to Christ
    But Christ changed me
    Let me tell you my story, it starts like this

    [Verse One]
    It's 5:46 in the mornin', tossin' and turnin'
    Chest burnin', sermons in my head keep reocurrin'
    Havin' visions in my head of a kid
    Cryin' at the feet of the Father, for all the wrong things that he did
    Now I'm sweatin' in my sheets can't sleep
    My mind keeps tellin' me I'm six feet deep
    Don't remind me, even though I'm still alive I can't tell
    The way I'm living my life I feel I'm going to hell
    God they telling me I should accept you
    That you had to leave the world, cause the world left you
    Reason I can't change, like a mystery to me
    So I make believe there really is a heaven for a G
    Even though they say you loved the world so much, you shed ya blood
    God I feel I'm too messed up for love
    They tell me come as I am but I smell like smoke
    My whole lifes full of sin cause it's all I know
    The bible told me that you died for my sins
    If I believe in Christ, it'll save me from the end
    But I'm scared to ask you, to save me my heart
    So evil, I got thoughts, that's full of hatred hurtin' people
    I thought at first I had to clean up my life
    Now I'm hearin' I just need to cling to the light
    I'm ready to do it, but Lord I pray you understand
    My life is a mess, will you take me as I am

    Will you take me as I am
    I know the way I'm living is wrong
    But I can't change on my own, trying to make it alone
    I wonder, how could you love me when my life so ugly
    But you came down and died for me

    Will you take me as I am
    I know the way I'm living is wrong
    But I can't change on my own, trying to make it alone
    I wonder, how could you love me when my life so ugly
    But you came down and died for me
    Will you take me as I am

    [Verse Two]
    I'm sick and tired of trying to me the man, my daddy never taught me to be
    I'm grown up now, life ain't what I thought it would be
    I made many mistakes in my past I can't fix
    Now I'm staring at this crusifix tatted on my wrist
    Is it true what they telling me, am I just crazy
    Did ya bleed on the cross, for my sins to save me
    But why would ya die for me
    My whole life I've been working for Satan, while He fed lies to me
    And now I'm hearing too much, trying to get a true touch
    Of a love that can change me, I'm all screwed up
    Figure Hell is what I deserve
    But your word says we all fall short so I guess we all outta burn
    Teach me I wanna learn
    How you could save a wretch like me, before death says it's my turn
    I think I finally understand
    No matter my past, you'll still take me as I am


    [Verse Three]
    My father had a few last words to give
    I be telling people the reason to live
    The reason to die, united with the King in the sky
    This life is passing us by, I got no reason to lie
    You'll never give the world enough, they'll hunger for more
    They figure there ways are nuthin to the wonderous lord
    More security than the man that left you
    More love than the moms who kept you
    He'll always accept you
    Be everything your supposed to
    Let Christ rule ya heart, mind, body and soul cause He chose you
    And if the world don't know you
    It don't matter you're Gods child and he'll never disown you
    Ya purpose on earth is far from worthless
    That's why ya glorified like ya life's been purchased
    And it don't matter if the world don't seen us
    We still mean the world to Jesus


    Yeah, we're saved by grace through faith
    It's not works
    Ain't nuthin you can do, ain't nuthin I can do
    That could get us this grace salavation that we got man
    It's only Christ
    So if you feel like you gotta clean yourself up
    Before you can come to Him
    Forget it
    Just come to Him
    He'll take you as you are, and he'll change You
    From the inside, out

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