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    One thousand
    Biz busy on the boards
    I hear 'em cheering from the sidelines
    Wait, hold up, I think they hatin'
    People told me take my time, right?
    Nah, they tired of waitin'
    They say "Crae, you sold your soul, man"
    For real? Who bought it?
    "Let the Spirit take control, man"
    I don't go nowhere without Him

    [Verse 1]
    They scared that I'ma cause these babies to stumble
    They scared that my integrity is gon' crumble, appreciate the prayers
    But all that pressure either gon' make you humble
    Or make you hang out on the sidelines, and fear you gon' fumble
    Put me in coach, ain't out here flexin' for nobody
    I was born to do it, God don't make mistakes and say I'm sorry
    He ain't never dropped the ball
    I don't never plan to fumble
    Catch me runnin' with them lions
    Reggie Bushin' in the jungle
    Came from nothin'
    I remember spendin' summers on the corner with my cousin Shootin' dice and playin' dozens
    Me and Bj in that Cutlass, Cd playin' missin' buttons
    Up at Lincoln High in Dallas with that Jesus Muzik bumpin'
    Now it's Joseph graduation
    Turn on that radio and T-Dot on the station
    I remember when we used to split the rent up
    Ugk was bangin' loud inside his pickup
    Wait, let me pick up
    Back when promoters wouldn't let me back in
    'Less I pay 'em on a back end, that ain't happenin'
    We just pray to God that somehow He would let us crack in
    Tore that door off of them hinges
    Told us, "Get it crackin'"

    I hear them cheering from the sidelines
    People told me take my time, right?
    Hear 'em cheerin' from the sidelines
    Hold up, I think they hatin'
    People told me take my time, right?
    They tired of waitin'

    [Verse 2]
    They braggin' they in the buildin'
    Ain't building nothin'
    We out here building the children, you know I love 'em, boy
    Spit it how I live, feel it in my breath
    Walking it like I talk, put it to the test
    Gina, get to steppin, we get to startin'
    You dream of bein' a king but you watchin' the wrong Martin, Bruh Man
    This ain't the fifth floor, it's the penthouse
    Either you change your outlook or get out
    And life ain't never been a dream, you just oversleepin'
    If it wasn't hard work, they probably cheatin'
    Give that arrogance some rest
    This ain't happen overnight, that's why I do this thing to death
    I might do this 'till I'm deaf, dumb and blind
    You know I don't need my eyes to see my faith working fine
    Never mind me
    I ain't worried about how they define me
    Long as they can find me they'll never confine me

    I hear them cheering from the sidelines
    People tell me take my time, right?
    I hear 'em cheering from the sidelines
    Hold up, I think they hatin'
    People tell me take my time, right?
    They tired of waitin'

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