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    [Verse 1]
    They out here prostitutin' kiddos
    Fill they pockets with dinero
    Pedophiles, pitiful
    Sell a child to centerfold
    Take they innocence, put in on the internet
    Purities tainted, dignities shaken
    Enslavin' the soul of all of these babies
    And freedom got a price nobody payin'
    Makin' money, American dream ain't it, nah!
    It's a nightmare, don't fight fair for white here
    Benjamin Franklins, killin' we hate for him
    Write a song justifyin' the lies we take for him, hold up
    They ain't with me, I'm willin' to wait for 'em
    Lil' me sat up on the porch, thinkin' dolla bills
    Stomach filled from another meal that my momma killed still
    I can't keep still
    I'd probably steal to keep a couple of Nike checks on the back of my heels
    Grab my back on and pills
    I need a stack of them bills
    They say we slaves to the money
    I guess we back in the field
    I'ma go pursue my happiness, they told me it was free
    But I'm still payin' for it, I'm indebted to this thing
    Heard a prophet say the profit, don't focus on makin' change
    Just focus on tryna be it and maybe you'll make a gain
    Maybe you'll free the slaves, maybe you'll bring a change
    The destinations are different but everyone's on the train

    [Hook 1: N'Dambi]
    Freedom isn't free
    But I still, I still believe in my freedom
    So my mind can see
    Please let me be free, please let me

    [Verse 2: Lecrae]
    I'm out here chasin' this freedom
    They out here choppin' my feet off
    And if they catch me I'm Toby, but I ain't 'bout to believe it
    King Kunta, king of coonin', or Kenan & Kel
    Rather rot in a jail cell than be up in hell, well
    Well done, is you cookin' or is you hearin' your Father say, "Well done"?
    Is He lookin' at all your honors?
    Modestly I'll be honest, I'm hangin' onto that promise
    Cause honestly I ain't really been everything that I oughta
    Oughta be on my Harriet, bury me next to Honest Abe
    Here's lies another man murdered for tryna free the slaves
    I gave Chief Keef my number in New York this summer
    I told him, "I could get you free", I'm on my Nat Turner
    Back burner, cookin' up a fat burger
    While we shuck and jive to a song about a crack murder
    Know we need a change but we threw it on the stage
    Got some money and a soul and neither one of us saved
    Slaves, get free

    [Hook 2: N'Dambi]
    Freedom, it isn't free
    But I still believe, I still believe in our freedom
    So my mind can see
    Please let me be free, please let me be free

    [Outro: N'Dambi]
    Freedom, freedom, freedom

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