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How To Kiss a Boy

LeAnn Rimes


First time he says I love you
You got no choice but to believe
You got no power up against it
You can't eat and you can't sleep
Hope ain't necessary when you've never had a doubt
You just know it will work out, don't you?

No one understands it
No matter what they say
And as far as you're concerned
No one's ever felt this way
The moon seems so much brighter
You stare and twirl your hair
Until he leans in... Ooh, closer

So close your eyes
And hold on tight
Feel that perfect joy
You're dizzy from holding your breath
Let it go right to your head
That's how to kiss a boy
How to kiss a boy

Then one night he calls you
Says it didn't mean a thing
And you feel a break inside you
And you're filled with disbelief
But you still let him come over
And he's trembling when he says
Oh, baby, I'm sorry

So close your eyes
You better hold on tight
You can't help but feel destroyed
Love's innocence disappears
Eyes filling up with tears
That's how to kiss a boy
How to kiss a boy

Oh, lean your head back
Part your lips
Brace yourself
It comes down to this
It shouldn't hurt
Shouldn't make you wish
You never kissed
Never kissed a boy

First time he says he loves you
It doesn't mean that it's the truth
You gave it everything you had
You learned the hard way what to do

So close your eyes
Some things in our life
A lie can still destroy
You've got to say goodbye
One more on the cheek this time
That's how to kiss a boy
How to kiss a boy
How to kiss a boy
How to kiss a boy

How to kiss a boy

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