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You Wanted A Hit

LCD Soundsystem

Electric Lady Sessions

You wanted a hit
But maybe we don't do hits
I tried and tried
It ends up feeling kind of wrong

You wanted it tough
But is it ever tough enough?
No, nothing's ever tough enough
Until we hit the road

Yeah, you wanted it rush
But honestly you must hush
No, honestly, you know too much
So leave us, leave us on our own

And so you wanted a hit
Well, this is how we do hits
You wanted a hit
But that's the way we do

You wanted it real
But can you tell me what's real
There's lights and sounds and story
Music's just a part

Yeah, you wanted the truth
And then you said you want proof
I guess you're used to liars
Saying what they want

And we won't be babies anymore
And we won't be babies anymore
And we won't be babies 'till you take a song

Yeah, you wanted it smart
But, honestly, I'm not smart
Now why does key one never start?
We fake it, fake it all the time

Yeah, you wanted the time
But maybe I can't do time
Oh, we both know that's awful lying
But it doesn't make it wrong

You wanted it right
No out of money, out of sight
No dirty bus and early flight
No seven days and forty nights

Yeah, you wanted a hit
But tell me where's the point in it
You wanted a hit
But that's not what we do


Composição: James Murphy

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