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Water Manes At The Block's End


If we've ran a million miles to get to this place we'll keep the pace. because i haven't found answers yet along the way to all my questions on where i need to be or what to believe. if i can lay claim to any achievement here's my secret: i'm still unsure of everything. but i'm sure that hell has our names cause we're failing everyday as we search for a home where we won't die alone. i need to back up from these dead ends.
So back me up my friend. if today the ground gives in i hope we won't fall alone because you know i don't want to go alone. so hell can have our fucking names because we'll fail and fuck up until we're in the grave. so i'll search for someplace where we wont die alone someday. you know i need to back up from these dead ends. so back me up my friend

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