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There's Never A Reason Not To Party


The reason that i do this
Is not for money or fame.
It's so we can create something
More meaningful than the mainstream.
But there's so much more i can do
Than complain about my life.
So i'll get up from my chair
And rock and roll tonight.

And through my life i've seen a world
Where everybody lets their problems
Drag them down when they can make their own best days.
But i know in your heart you can see it some day.
And i say you got to walk away
From your pain with your head held high.
And i say i understand it's not easy
To find a hope all the time.

You can always find yourself
In the worst situation.
But feeling sorry for yourself
Is the worst thing you can do.
The answer lies in the easiest place in can.
It's inside yourself.
It's inside you and me.

And i hope this gives you a hope
To go on with yourself day by day.
And i hope you can find yourself
In a brand new morning
With sunlight shining in.
You can find a hope.

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