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The Biggest Sausage Party Ever


There are reasons to talk about it.
This patriarchy we live in (i see it everyday).
Who's in the front row finger pointing?
Is the gender ratio in bands disappointing?

The female struggle inspires me.
Inspires me to struggle with my own internal battle.
I know the two don't compare.
Don't call me white.
I don't know what it's like
But i'll support you in any way i can.

Let's look around.
If we haven't let's start today.
Let's pay attention to the oppression
In the things we say.
And the oppression in the things we think.
And the inhuman robots they taught us to be.

We are all guilty.
But i won't let this song end like this.
Cause i know if we try we can de-internalize.
Help create the world we need someday.
As i walk through the back
The problems seem evident.
No matter what is told to me.
I'm part of the problem.
You're part of the problem.
I'm part ot the solution.
Let's both be part of the solution.
And honesty's a start.
Let's pay attention to the things we think and say.
Admit to ourselves.
This is not a perfect place today.

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