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My Dreams About Not Sleeping Until 3pm


Let's yell if we see it in ourselves.
The passion to do something more
Than live inside our culture's fucking walls.

Now i don't have the answers
Of what a perfect world should be.
But we'll start to find the answers
When we find community.
So get up to see the sunlight.

So yeah i must remind myself
I can be active with the activists
Or sleep in with the sleepers.
But i don't have the answers.
But i know another lonely night on this couch
Won't do anything for my world or myself.

So next time i hear someone call someone a fag
Or a guy call a girl a bitch
I'm going to fucking scream.
Yeah next time the passion hits me
I'll try to find out
What the pop songs mean.

Expressing my guilt through a consumer product
Doesn't mean i've solved anything.
But as i've always found a way through my pain
I'll find a way through my apathy.
The revolution in video games
Distracts me from the real thing
And from where i need to be - in community

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