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The Dark Eyed Gypsy


Oh, there were three gypsies, lived in the East
And they were braw and bonny oh
And they sang so sweet, at the castle gate
That they won the heart of the lady oh

Well, she gave to them of the sparkling wine
And she gave to them of the brandy oh
And the gay gold ring that the lady wore
Well she gave to the dark-eyed gypsy oh

When the lord of the castle he came in
All enquiring for his lady oh
She is gone, she is gone, said the young serving boy
She's away with the dark-eyed gypsy oh

Come saddle to me the milk white steed
The bay is ne'er so speedy oh
I will ride all the day and the whole long night
Till I find my own wedded lady oh

Well Charles put spurs into his horse
And oh how he rode so speedy oh
Until he fell in with his own wedded love
In the arms of the dark-eyed gypsy oh

Are you going to forsake your house and your land?
Are you going to forsake your children three?
I would leave them all for the one I love
And I'll follow the dark-eyed gypsy oh
Last night I lay on a fine feather bed
With my own wedded lord beside me oh
But this night I lie on the cold barren floor
In the arms of me dark-eyed gypsy oh

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