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Sergeant William Bailey


Sergeant William Bailey was a man of high renown
In search of gallant young recruits
he used to scour the town
His face was full and swarthy, of medals he had forty
And ribbons on his chest - red, white and blue
It is he what looked the hero, a he made the people stare-o
As he stood on Dunphy's corner, toora-loo

Now as Sergeant William Bailey on Dunphy's corner stands
Enticing Dublin young lads for to die in foreign lands
For to improve their station, he shouts in high elation
To come and fight for king and country
But for all the noise he's making
the bait they aren't taking
From Sergeant William Bailey, toora-loo

Now alas for human greatness every dog he has his day
And Sergeant William Bailey he is getting old and grey
No longer youths are willing, to take his dirty shilling
And things for him are looking mighty blue
For in spite of fife and drumming
no more recruits are coming
To Sergeant William Bailey, toora-loo
Now Sergeant William Bailey what a wretched sight to see
And the back that once was strong
and straight's now almost bent in three
Some rebel youths with placards
have called his army blaggards
And told the Irish youth just what to do
He has lost his occupation, let's sing in jubilation
For Sergeant William Bailey, toora-loo

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