Lana Del Rey

Born To Die (cifrada)

Lana Del Rey

Born to Die

Tom: G Intro 2x: Em D C My, oh me, my Em D Feet don't fail me now Em D Take me to the finish line C Em Oh, my heart it breaks every step that I take D But I'm hoping that the gates, They'll tell me that you're mine Walking through the city streets Is it by mistake or desire? I feel so alone on the fridays nights You make me feel like home, If I tell you you're mine As like I told you, honey Refrão: C Em D Don't make me sad, don't make me cry CM7 Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets though C I don't know why Keep making me laugh, Lets go get high The road is long, we carry on Try to have fun in the meantime Take a walk on the wild side Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain You like your girls insane, so Choose your last words This is the last time Cause you and I We were born to die Em D Lost but now I am found Em D I can see but once I was blind C Em I was so confused as a little child D Trying to take what I could get Scared that I couldn't find All the answers honey (Refrão) ( Em D CM7 C ) Am G Come take a walk on the wild side D Let me kiss you hard on the pouring rain Em You like your girls insane (Refrão) ( Em D CM7 C )

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