Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey

Carry me up them stairs
Put my white socks on
And my pretty song
You like my blue nail polish?
"What is all this?", you said
"The mess upstairs
Don't be scared"

Daddy dearest, you know
How I like to take trips
Pops, first stop at the K-Mart
Buy me my peach lip gloss
Cigarettes and lollipops
Mad magazines, and white socks
All in your car for
Our trip across the U.S.A

We going to party
Like it's 1949
We in the Pontiac
From July to July

It's a flower motel nation
Day and night on our last vacation
We going to see it all
Before we say goodbye

Daddy likes Blackpool
Pleasure Beach and road stops
Baby likes the Swiss Alps
Souvenir gift shops

Late night, midnight
Radio show talks
Daddy, baby
Big jail break

Ponytail and lollipops
Dinerettes and soda pops
New blue bathing suit
Ruched tops and Cadillacs

Blue lake car to Dunks
Hopscotch, shit talk
Alabama hard knocks
Motel brass locks

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