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Partynauseous (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Lady Gaga

Hands up

I, I want to come and make peace with you
But they won't let me, no, they won't let me through
I don't mind if they a-arrest me
'cause I'm wearing my Versace

Why can't we just, put on a smile
And a buzz buzz buzz buzz
We all might be sick
Whether it's at first or after a few drinks
We're gonna unite, don't they?

We're currently set from the East
I'm from Jakarta-a-a
We Partynauseous 'cause I seem to problem with ya
We're currently set from the West
My name is Lady Gaga
We Partynauseous 'cause I seem to problem with ya

Nod, if you wanna be high with the enemy
It's a test and you better do your best
Nod, if you wanna make love with the enemy
Go and [...] baby [...]

Now jump!

In a way exhausting
With problem solving
Drink 'till she's attractive
We're Partynauseous
Coming from diplomatic [...]
Making that peace attractive
We're Partynauseous

Compositor: Stefani Germanotta

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