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That's Why They Write Love Songs

Kylie Minogue

[Verse 1]
(Driving in the moonlight [?] )
It's on the big screen like
It's in a painting
Or one of the day dreams
(Get too lost [?] ) with no
Reason to be there
Found when the universe thinks its time

You to me
Are all those things
But I don't have the words
That I really need to be heard
Now I get it

That's why they write love songs
When I feel so damn right
How can it be wrong
Mind and body turn to soul
I'm bathing in your light
That's why they write
Love songs

[Verse 2]
I want you to take me away like a
Night at the opera like
Racing in a fast car
Or a shooting-star ride
We can live like a
Movie melodrama like
In black and white



[Verse 3]
So here's to you
My finest champagne
My orchestra
My "singing in the rain"
And here's to us

The loveliest thing on planet earth is
Love love love!

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