Kyla La Grange


Kyla La Grange

Ashes (Deluxe Edition)

A false start for your wide eyes
And a false start to shut them tight
To think I thought I could never lie
To think I made you cry

Couldn't let you cover my bones with kisses
Couldn't love you desperately
See this one shot shatters the galss then misses
And you stand repleced in me

Don't let me darken the nights you sleep
Don't let me enter the thoughts you keep
See you ower no sympathy to me.

A lead weight for your open palm
And a white shirt over your bloody heart
To think i thought I was all you are
I was missing from the start

Couldn't let you cradle my head or stay
Let you waste your wonderful words
In my sleep I circled your heart with red ink
When I woke you were already hurt

Let it fall down with the rain
Let it fall down

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