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Under Fire

Kurtis Blow

One for the trouble,two for the bass
Check me out while I rock this place

Under fire
Take it higher
Under fire

Hello party people,I'm Kurtis Blow
King of the rap and a 10 years pro
The ladies heart stopper,the fly guys best
A sureshot rocker and I'm always fresh
But when I try make it,they try to take it
And it ain't in my nature just to fake it
So bust my moves,you'll never stop me
I'm the best MC,I could never be


Here I am rappin',they call me the king
But there's more to me than just doing my thing
Wanna move ahead,got to make a choice
Got to make this planet hear my voice
Lebanon,Russia,Iraq and Iran
Too many people dyin' playing Superman
Be cool,don't be no fool
Please Mr.Reagan don't put me


I'm Kurtis Blow and I want you to see
To make it today we need unity
Do not fear reality
'Cause they can't stop what was meant to be(Even under fire)

Trying hard to make through the easy way of life
Thinking you can fake it with a pistol or a knife
You live it,you give it,you do it,you blew it
And then you want to tell everybody you knew it
It's easy to point your fingers
And say you and you and you're wrong
But when it's time to be about unity
Huh-huh-huh you sing another song

Oh baby
Oh baby
Oh baby
Oh baby,baby

Well I am the member of a new breed
And the solution is a revolution
So I hope you all see the light
Hear my name....Unite!To the next phase

K-U-R-T-I-S B-L-O-W what you wanna do [x2]

Under fire [x2]

K-U-R-T-I-S B-L-O-W what you wanna do [x12]

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