Kurtis Blow


Kurtis Blow

I was walkin' down the avenue the other day
When I heard this crazy sound
It was nothing but a guy with a set of drums
But he was really gettin' down
He said my name is Jack and I'm a rhythm attack
When I got a pair of sticks in hand
I got savior-faire on the bass and snare
And I'm here to take my stand
I got juice

The next to show was a guy named Joe
Came in from Kalamazoo
Had a Kango cap with a real smooth rap
And he knew just what to do
He was an outta work bricklayer,part-time conga player
Brought along a set of LP's
Don't do a lot of talkin',let my fingers do the walkin'
And I play just as pretty as you please
I got juice

There was a guy with a bass,had a handsome face
And designer clothes all around
He said I'm into threads,don't wear Pro Keds
But I can make that funky sound
I play Fender Jazz,I got razz-ma-tazz
I got style from head to toe
It's a funky sound that I learned uptown
And I'm here to let you know
I got juice

About a minute went by when another guy
Showed up with an old guitar
Well it hard to be from World War III
Or run over by a car
It don't look like much,but it's sweet to touch
They don't make'em like this today
It's been around,but check the sound
Then see what you say
I got juice

There was a dude with a bongo,came from the Congo
Had a rough beat of his own
He dressed real strangle,wore beads and chains
But he could rock you all alone
He said call me Chief and I've got relief
For those weary dancin' blues
I got jungle heat from a primative beat
And I know I'll move your shoes,HUH-HUH
I got juice

The next to show was Kurtis Blow
With timbales in his hands
Well I'm known for rap and I play with snap
And I think you'll understand
Now I was taught to play in a different way
By a dude known as Delgado
He said listen to me and you soon will be
A timbale desparato
I got juice

What do you say when you're bustin' loose
It's good for the gander and chilly for the goose
Breakin' out from that weekday noose
Gettin' down on the one and up on the deuce

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