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That's Life, Tho (Almost Hate to Say)

Kurt Vile

B'lieve I'm Goin Down...

[Verse 1]
When I go out, I take pills to take the edge off
Or to just take a chillax, man and forget about it
Just a certified badass out for a night on the town
Ain't it oh-exciting, the way one can fake their way
through life
But that's neither here or there
In a way how could one ever prove
you're just putting them all on

That's life, tho
Almost hate to say it
That's life, tho
In every brutal way

[Verse 2]
From Horse Point I hang glide into the valley of ashes
Just as powder head has long been burned to the ground
Yeah with fire, with fire
A chosen one just levelled the farm
I guess hell has finally frozen over
I wanna run into the rolling hills
along some mid-western highway
But there are scorpions out there
There was a man who touched the lives of many
And when he died he left so many people crying

That's life tho
So sad, so true
That's life tho
So sad to say

[Verse 3]
Stay Puft was on top of the world
Then he fell all the way back down naturally
The laws of physics have shown
that a man must walk through life via peaks and valleys
It was a man, a big-old-hearted man
that we all put on a pedestal
And when he left this earth
but he left so many loved ones behind ('hind)

That's life tho
Hate to point out the painfully obvious
That's life tho
So sad, so true
That's life tho x3
Almost hate to say

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