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Dust Bunnies

Kurt Vile

B'lieve I'm Goin Down...

You may think that it's funny now
That I got a headache like a shop vac
coughin' dust bunnies
It's hard to see when it's all red
And all you hear are just white noises

This little one she's a delicate creature
No safety features to hold her down
Girl you've been running on all cylinders
Pulling the yard and cutting hard

But no they won't find us lying down on the ground
And it ain't at the bar where I am or you are
We'll take a puff on a cigarette and see what we get
An invigorating fix and a black lung

Don't know much about history
Don't know much about the shape I'm in
There ain't no manual to our minds
We're always looking baby all the time

But no we won't find it rolling around on the ground
And it ain't at the bar where I am, where you are
I took a puff on a cigarette, saw what I get
An invigorating fix and a black lung

You think you're tired, put your face in my place
We swap faces and I see you're tired
It's hard to think with a squashed brain and
Let's hope that don't leave a permanent stain

How can you talk over all that racket
What's there to feel but totally whacked

But we don't got time to wallow around in it
Though it don't look so far away from where we are
I wanna put out the cigarette and leave it behind
Hold you real close, take you by the hand
We'll walk away
Walk away

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