KT Tunstall

The Punk

KT Tunstall

The Scarlet Tulip EP

Let's go for a walk in your garden of Eden
You told me about when you were drunk
Your fabulous sabotage acting is all that I need to see
To know that you're a punk

Hazy your days that you cannot remember
Behaving in ways that would make you turn green
Takes all your time to protect your selective memory
So you can choose what you see

Oh but everytime you sing, you make me, cry
Everytime you sing you make me, cry

Fill all the holes with corrosive passivity
Wait for a friend and go mental on them
Spike up your hair and tattoo all your skin
So you not see through anymore. Now you're just like other men

I know that I'm giving you sh*t but I love you
As much as I did, when you were fifteen
Feel that you'll be stellar vintage material, baby
We'll have to wait and see

Composição: Kt Tunstall

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