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Glamour Puss

KT Tunstall

Tiger Suit

Long legs taking you somewhere
Catch your reflection
In a window pane
The universe is starting to feel ya
Drinking tequila
Like it’s the name of the game

I know it hasn’t happened yet
You’re relying on the next cheque
I know that you’re a Glamour Puss
And my explanation’s useless
So you chew, chew on the root
In your beautiful high heeled shoes
Miss Glamour Glamour Puss

Baby juggles fire in a blindfold
Finding a motorcycle
Through a hula-hoop but it
Sounds like dust on your record
You’re showing the pressure
Of doing loop-de-loop-de-loop


Push a little longer
Dance a little harder
Never give yourself away
Love a little less to
Keep yourself together
Everything’ll come your way


Composição: Kt Tunstall and Greg Kurstin

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