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Come On, Get In

KT Tunstall

Tiger Suit

Well I worked it out
I gotta say goodbye
I can see it clear as day
With a naked eye
Smells like thunder
You look like rain
And it’s spelling out
Disaster is my name

Oh, we could make it easy
We could do it right
‘Cos you know the time has come
It must be done
We are going downhill

Come on, can you see the light
Come on, you know it feels right
The door is open
Are you gonna take the ride
We’re playing it all wrong
That’s why I’m saying it
Come On, Get In

Gotta do it friendly
Gotta do it soon
Got to get this mean old beast
Out of the room
‘Cos he’s been greedy
And we’ve been blind
While we let him creep up on us
From behind

Oh but he’s not gonna get me
He’s not getting you
‘Cos you know the time has come
It must be done
We are going downhill


I’ll take the anger
You take the pain
And we’ll promise that we
Won’t go back again
Oh ‘cos the time
The time has come
We could break these chains
And baby we could run
So keep your eyes on the road and
Keep your hands on the wheel
Cos we know the time is right
We just might
Make it going downhill


Composição: Kt Tunstall and Martin Terefe

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