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Vengeance's Revelation


Fire burning unfolding a revelation
As my body melts away in a sacred pyre
Entering soul in the realms of forgotness
Heritage from earth's pain
Infinite blackness in the kingdom of death
Black spirits screaming and driffiting

Burned was my existance
Burned was my body sacrifice
Infamous fire in a weird ritual
Howling winds of dead chant's
Leading the streams of pagan souls
Centuries of endless suffering

Rise rise rise from the deepness
Cursed cursed cursed the unholy return
Reborn from the spell revelation
In the sign of sacred moon
Screams of dead has living again
Defying the whole existance
Driffiting among living and dead
Born again in exalting blasphemies

I return to my enemies kill
Condemn them to my wrath
I reveal the truth for the liar
Inflicting plague to their brood
Unfolding extreme suffering
For the ones who once defy me
Cursed br my rebirth
I'm the beginning of their fatal end

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