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Blood Of Lions


See me coming from beyond the mortal light
Flying high on the wings of the cursed time
Here it comes like a deadly thunderstorm
Decimating my enemies at dawn

Here I stand and draw a line - my existence remains undivine
Predator of the rising sun, for I fear no one

Ruler of the open steppe, vultures flying upon my path

Blood of lions - rushing thru my veins
Pumping the coldness of my heart
Blood of lions - rushing thru my veins
I death or victory, isolated integrity
Blood of lions - rushing thru my veins
Blood of lions

Here I come at the speed of a murderer sound
Riding fast on the wings of an infernal war
In my world only evil glorifies, the ways of chaos to purify

Procreated on a killing ground, animalized baptized in blood
My britherhood I defend and fight for
I praise no lord - my destination is eternal war

Blood of lions - blood of lions

Ruled by the madness of vindication, collector of countless assassinations
In a mortal dawn of punishment, thru the valley of pale death

The breed of my foes I devour and despise, born to be cruel, not kind
Here I stand and draw a line, my existence remains undivine

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