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Mere Gurudev

Krishna Das

Door of Faith

Mere Gurudev, charnon par
sumana shraddhaa ke arpit hai
Tere hee dena hai jo hai.
Wahi tujha ko samarapita hai

Na priti hai pratiti hai,
na hi puja ki shakti hai
Na priti hai pratiti hai,
na hi puja ki shakti hai
Meraa yaha man, meraa yaha tan,
meraa kan kan samarapita hai.

Tuma hee ho bhaav men mere,
vicharo mein, pukaro mein.
Banaale yantra ab mujhko roere
saravatra samarapita hai.

My Gurudev
I offer these flowers of my faith at your feet
Whatever I have, you have given to me,
and I dedicate it all to you.

I have no love,
nor do I truly know you.
I don’t even have the strength
to worship you,
But this mind of mine, this body of mine,
my every atom is dedicated to you.

You are the only one in my heart
and in my thoughts.
You are the one who I call out to.
Now make me your instrumento
Everything I am is dedicated to you.

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