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Victim Of Progress


Mass Illusion

The clouds close throwing their rays over the sea of blood
The stars disappear and in their place mountains of ice appear
I only see the light of your eyes
What was made, was destroyed
The world became slow and dumb
When you woke up, it was over

Scream, scream
Scream, loud, loud
Believe me, man
Scream, scream
Scream loud, loud
Nobody will hear you

The darkness stays intact
insensitive to your plea
you own your future to progress
That the human mind invented
you don’t have power to scream
when your mind is dead and gone
you’re another victim of progress
What happened? You’re sick!

Scream, scream
Scream loud, loud
Nobody will hear you

You remember the paradise you lived in
you can’t resist no more
you are at the mercy of disaster
When you close your eyes
Just a question I wanna ask you
Are those behind this in the same shit as you?
Die in peace!
Die in peace!

By Phmetal

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