If this should be my power
I'm drowning in a child's shell
I can count for a while but everything
is gonna blow up
Sometimes I'd just like to ask to be short
and clear
to an open sky I loose myself
in your endless beauty.
I can't see it, it's like a crash on the wall.
Taken away with careless violence,
killer of my self-esteem,look at that for a while
and tell me what you think.

you think that all this isn't made for you
god please ... try to help her
come back and throw away what you are
Do you think you can be in love forever
Someone told me yes, fucking bastard
Where do you think will you be able to hide?
You suffocated my glance in a pearl-glass
Come back suck my lips
Take the sun
Split the hell
I heard
an ugly bastard
Because we're so
Perhaps a remorse
The idea of destroying yourself

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