Kodak Black

We Working

Kodak Black

You getcho' lil cressy on this
You getcho' credit for
(Murda on the beat, so it's not nice)

These niggas be playin' with you like you don't get your work in
I was bout' to message you when I seen you with that skirt on
Fore' they do anything, gotta do that with you first, huh
I was chasin' that pussy, I walked in all the way to the circle
I was chasin' that pussy, I walked in all the way to the circle
Fore' they go anywhere, bae I gotta take you first
Ain't on no gay shit, but I grew up snatchin' purses
I was on the E-way, I was thinkin' bout E-Murder

I was on the E-way, thinkin' bout Auntie Emelda
Think I know everything, that's why I don't respect my elders
Every time I try to leave the hood that be my downfall
It be feelin' like I can never make it far without y'all
I love my niggas so much, I cry if he don't answer
Any time I don't hear from Jack Boy them, I can feel my head hurt
Huh, any time I don't hear from Jack Boy them
You gon' betray me anyways, so I don't want no friends
I ain't never let nobody gettin' too close again
My baby mama said I shouldn't trust you
I hated that you really let the bitch be right
Cause she always wrong
You ain't say congratulations when yo' dawg came home
I need an X pill, that's the only way I can go to you for real

I been tryna' get straightened, but it ain't workin', uh
Cause every time that we talkin', you switch yo' story up
My nigga sittin', cause somebody switchin'
We tryna' get the witness to switch the story up
Tell the bitch to stop takin' pictures, they disturbin' us
We workin, aye, three, four, five, six Birkin's, we on the road
Big jet sittin' here nervous, you gotta go
Got shotguns, in the Suburbans, about to shoot
Pull up on the side of me swervin', ten car, ten coupe
Lotta' money gettin' contagious, I keep mo'
Fuck nigga, I know you remember I was kickin' in do'
We workin', I put different [?] round the trenches, it hurt me
Shoulda never put you in position, it's our fault
Va bussin' checks and hittin' big licks, it's my fault

Tryna' turn my friendships into dealin's
Tryna' turn a penny to a million
I'ma make sure all you niggas feel me
He say I'm a bitch, but he know different
How the fuck I got six fuckin' killin's
I be tryna keep my bullshit out my lyrics
Yeah, niggas play like they don't know what the deal is
Uh, I be talkin' boss talk, twenty sixty
I been turnin' wash clothes into riches

I mean rags to riches, yeah
I like Spanish bitches, uh
Pull up, Jags and Bentleys

Bag and tag these niggas
I got lavish, yeah, uh
Bussin' checks, bussin' sweat
I'm sellin' death, they know that
Once you left, more success

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