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Dummy Green

Kodak Black

Ayy, I love my lil snipers, dawg
Like I could knock up
Get any car I want right now, know what I'm sayin'
Like I'll pull up, like a diaper, you know
Project Baby, shit
Like, real deal
I swear for God

Ayy, I jump straight in a Wraith
it's just a rental I could've bought this shit
Fanta with the lean, I'm sippin' codeine
I'm on that coughin' shit
Designer gear on me, I'm fresh to death
I'm on my coffin shit
Big 'ol Ap watch on me and shit
Cost you a house and shit
Know you niggas don't like the scene right now
Thought I wasn't comin' out this shit
Too bad I'm free
So now I'm pipin' down your broad and shit
And I, and I do not keep that rock like I'm Iron Man
Yeah, and I'm posted in a trap like I'm Spider-Man
Stick 'em, then I move in the night
Burnin' and they lootin' tonight
Fleein' in the low of the night
Bitch, I'm fresh like Kyprtonite
Swifter than a thief in the night
Bet I look like a demon at night
It's tricked up, bitch, no sleepin' at night
I'm paid, lil' bitch, I sleep with my ice on
So that mean I sleep with the lights on
Welcome to the motherfuckin' night show, oh
When I was young, my uncle named me Maestro, oh
I call Kaiser, call Atlantic, say this as a reminder, um
But I'm the main reason that the lights are on
So motivate me, uh, promote my album
'Cause I don't wanna be on the block, on my black farm, uh, yeah
I don't wanna be goin' up top with the trap phone
So everything that I drop make sure it go platinum, um
The shawty say she love my circle, uh
Playin' with that pussy like a saxophone
Soccer mom van with the toolies in that bitch, yeah
Soccer mom van, got the woolies in that bitch, yeah
Got the goons in here, yeah, and we roofer this bitch lit, yeah
Then we suited up, we toolied up, we booted in this bitch
I ain't playing no games, I swear to God, I'll pop that man cold
Like I'm Alexander Wang, I'll pop that man collar
Like I'm Bruce Wayne, mask up, gettin' all that for these niggas
Yeah, I'm robbin' niggas, jackin' niggas, I'm Batman to you niggas
Captain on the ugly, nigga, this ain't the Justice League
Ooh, I feel incredible, I got dummy green

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