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Bill and Jill

Kodak Black

Alright, I got, I know how I'mma start this
Dyryk, when we link up, man, we legendary

They be hatin', they be lyin' on me, too
Got a tiger and a lion on me, too
All this Gucci got me lookin' like a zoo
All this water like I'm divin' in a pool
Yeah, all this jewelry, swear to God that I'm a jewel
They want me stuck back in the projects like I'm glue
I be slidin' with my 5 'cause I'm too cool
I put your head right on a platter, now you food
She said if I don't keep bein' lit, she swear it's over
She told me if I stop bein' rich, she swear it's over
My nigga be jellin', he be hatin', and I know it
He ain't never tell me, he don't say it, but he show it
Dyryk, don't you stop the beat, my nigga, keep goin'
Dyryk, don't you stop the beat on me
just keep recordin'
I'm finanglin' and wanglin', finessin' gettin' boring
Bought my mom a new three story
'cause we made it out the storm
We got chefs now, doin' better now, feelin' warm
Bought my mom two billy goats
but we gon' eat it if we starvin'
Take a shit right out the door
'cause I can, and this my yard

Perpendicular my perimeter
all these acres like a farm
And I'll be honest, I'm the G. O. A. T
I was born right in the barn
Woke up feelin' like it, dropped 100 on the Audemars
Cash for gold, I got a pot gold, look like leprechaun
I be hittin' houses, run up in your home, Barry Bonds
Bombs over Baghdad, Sniper Gang Taliban
Ain't never had no damn dad
just my brothers and my mom
Bringin' tears to her eyes, I make her cry like it's fun
I threw away my life a thousand times
but not no more, I'm done
I'm out here packin' iron on Valentine's
I'm thuggin' 'cause it's fun
Make yo' daughter cry on Valentine's
that lovin' shit be dumb
I'm a cowboy for real, my momma call me Bill
Bought her a new crib with a shark and a eel
Look at all the drip, I'm spreadin' Gonorrhea
I was shittin' on her last year, now I diarrhea
All this ice around my wrist, I got the chill
That's why I bought this ice, it's just so I could chill
She be barfin' on my dick, I be like: Ew
I need a heart transplant so I could feel
I drop diamonds on my ear so I could hear
She be gobblin' on my dick just like a meal
I dropped six thousand on my pupils, now my vision clear

Fuck Bonnie and Clyde, she say if I'm Bill, then she Jill
On a pill, holdin' on a seal
On a pill, rollin' off a hill
I'm on a pill, I need Xans for real
You turn me on, I love them sexy heels
I'm a grim reaper, make a pussy nigga pay a due
Before I was on Bet, I already made the news
I'm pullin' tricks, work go ka-poof like Houdini, who
I be swaggin', you think I know magic, you think I do woo
More stripes than Adidas, I ain't human, I'm a creature
My brother, he a Z, that's my zebra
And we havin' more stripes than Adidas
Fuck the money, nigga, if I don't like you
we can't do no features
Fuck the teacher, I be breakin' rules
Fuck the teacher, they kicked me outta school
Jumped out on that fu, then I peeled off in a coupe
Paint the color orange, so I peel off like a fruit
All the money look like soup, I be gettin' to the stew
Valentine's Day, but I don't love you, April Fool's
Banana clip on my pack, so I be Bathing Ape
I'm a monkey, got me swingin' with my tool
goin' orangutan

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