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I love you
Get past the beat, can't pass the..hit me!
Get past the beat, can't pass the..hit me!
So Candyman I'm here
I've come to your house
we a proposition to lay bare
On the track before this with the crazy black chicks
I was only feigning despair
I've come with my sole and know its nae white
and it's stained with your cancerous weight
but it's nae for sale an there's a deal to be struck by the
fired off faustian? days?
Neither brother of Job nor the son ? and Carl was nae cousin unto me
but I know where I've wronged and I've turned to the left and I've
travelled too far to see. I've lost in a line and have taken a lung
and spend money that was nae mine.I've stared at the stars while I laid
in a ditch with my belly a-full of wine
Come on party people
Come on party people
So Candyman come let me tell you some more
we'll fix a time to settle the score
you pick the place I'll be there
a blasted heath of ??
I'll use my wit you use your powers
and we'll battle it out hour by hour
and when it's done and you're laid to rest
i'll get him rapping rhymes of jest?

I love you
Rappin to
Rappin to the beat
Rappin to the beat
Rappin to the beat
Rappin to the beat
Here we go again
yeah boy

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