Kitchens Of Distinction


Kitchens Of Distinction

He's not falling, simply waiting,
fading at the edges.
Sitting back, thinking that there's little point in moving.
He smiles, says his stars are friendly,
anything can be done.
"Shall we get very drunk?"
He says "I stay alive, It's the best thing,
the only thing I know."
She's not talking, easy dreaming
all that life away.
She gets laughing, missed the light,
no regrets today.
She looks up, another sunset,
"Was it very very good?"
"Shall we get really high?"
She says, "I stay alive, it's the best thing,
the only think I know."
She says, "Hold me, hold me hard.
Hold me, hold me, hold me harder.
Stop me thinking about myself.
Stop me hoping for more than I am."
She says, "Why do I want more than good looks?
Why do I want more than great books?
Is that all there is? Is that all there is?"
She smiles and stays alive.
It's the best thing, the only thing she knows.
They're together, simply dancing all the nights away.
There's the window, let's wait up for this precious dawn.
He smiles, tells her she looks lovely,
anything can be done.
She looks up and laughs.
He says "I stay alive.
It's the best thing, the only thing I can give you."
I was brought up with higher expectations.
I was brought up that hell's a hipper way to go.
He says "Hold me, hold me hard...."

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