King (Original)

Like U

King (Original)

Drop the trap
bringing the mess
high heels on and a make to flash
I was born to shine
I was made with madness
dropping with this pussy
like my name is marilyn

And all this dudes come close to me
they wanna the touchdown
I'll never do it for free
pay hard or go home is the anthem here
dollars on your instagram ain't make you rich


Like you
just like you
All this bitches want to be just like you
Love you
fucking hate you
All this niggas want to be W

In a real world
you better make it work
money is the time that I support
beauty and the beast
I ain't give a shit
if you gimme a fat wallet
I'll make you scream
and all this girls come over me
they wanna the deep inside
for girls I do it for free
Go hard on my bed it's the rule right there
no pictures on your instagram
I want to do not to share bitch


Crossing the club niggas staring at me
cameras and flashes cause I'm Vip
always drink in my cup that I ain't have to pay
I know this is Rio
But I feel like La

Crossing the club and niggas starring at me
It ain't crap and I'm your king you gonna see
I'm gonna do the right thing
And touch the right part
I swear to god I do it for money
never do it for love
so gimme your car keys
Gimme some "diami"
Just clap your hands, man
and all the magic will start
I promise you I'll make it more than what it seems
And all the bitches exclusives will be crying

Composição: Cinthya Ribeiro-King

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